Here You’ll find examples of my work as a Singing Coach and Choir Director for Actors and Acapella Groups


Jazzchoir Masterclass for advanced choir-singers, Zürich, Switzerland, 2012

Director of Workshop-Concert ‘PASS ME THE JAZZ’ (Result after only 5 rehearsals).  On Piano: Michael Kleiser.

2007 – 2012 JAZZCETERA, Jazzchor Zürich, Choir Director
Programme: 2012 Walk through life, Regie: Rafael Iten
2010 Groovy dreams, Regie: Stefan Camenzind
2009 Wellness, Regie: Stefan Camenzind
2008 Jack’s Back, Regie Björn Reifler

2011 Acapella group Bügelfrei, Affoltern am Albis, Drama and Vocal Coach.

2010 acapellanight Zürich, SINGEN IN EINER KLEINFORMATION (Singing in a small group), Workshop Leader

2010 GOTTHELF, DAS MUSICAL. Production: Thuner Seespiele, Music: Markus Schönholzer, Try-Out-Choir. Leader of Rehearsals

2004 HEXEMPLARISCH, final project of MAS in Drama Coaching, Music Concept (teamwork)

2002 – 2006 ABOCCANUDA, Latin-Jazz Acapella Choir, Zürich, Choir Director

2001 – 2007 SONGRIA, Acapella Choir, Berikon, Choir Director

2001     PRACTORS, Performancegroup (Leitung: Hannes Leo Mayer). Music Director

2000 – 2009 offbiit, acapella quartett. Singer and Co-Director

1999 – 2000 THEATERHAUS RATS. Music Director (Teacher for Band, Choir, Rhythm, Singing) Productions:

  • STARK REDUZIERT! (SALE) (Director: Caroline Schenk and Daniel Rothenbühler)
  • RUNNING COOKS (Director: Regina Wurster)
  • ONE DAY HERO (Director: Roger Nydegger)

1999 – 2000 THE INTONATORS, acapella group. Singer and Co-Director

1998     MOMO, Musical performed by handicapped children Switzerland (PTA-Schweiz). A Musical with a mixed group of handicapped and non-handicapped children and teenagers. Composer and Musical Director (Band and Choir)

1994 – 2002 FUNCAPELLAS, experimental acapella-choir. Choir Director, Arranger 

1993 – 1994 HEAVENLY PARTY and MOONROCK,  Rock-Musicals. Choir Director, Playwright


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